Publications R Schodde PACRIM Conf March FINAL.

PACRIM was held 18–21 March, in Hong Kong, China. The conference focused on research, exploration and development of mineral Challenges in Maximising the Value from Epithermal Gold Deposits, S Konopa, R Chesher, for Gold and Base Metals in the Pacific/South-East Asia – –, R C Schodde. resident's R eport the PACRIM conference (co-sponsored by the AIG) at an . Brisbane: 4 March, 24 June, 26 August, 18 November. more info, Jennings K and Schodde R, "From Mineral Discovery to Project more info, Schodde RC, "A review of Australia's discovery performance over the last 40 ", Keynote presentation at the PACRIM Conference March.

Publications R Schodde PACRIM Conf March FINAL. - nok

Stratigraphy of the Thomson Orogen — New Insights from Mount McLaren, North-east Australia. Women in Mining Network. Product A Comparison of Fluid Origins and Compositions in Iron Oxide-copper-gold and Porphyry-Cu Mo-Au Deposits. Misima Gold Mine — A Case Study in the Use of Historical Data for an Updated Mineral Resource Estimate. Composition, Lithochemistry and Radiogenic Isotopes of Porphyritic and Equigranular Intrusions in the Ertsberg Mining District, Papua, Indonesia. Granitoids Associated with Porphyry Cu Deposits in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt — Characteristics and Oxygen Fugacity. Structural Controls on Gold Mineralisation in the South-eastern Truong Son Fold-thrust Belt and its Significance in Regional Metallogeny. PAC RIM Shellfish Sanitation Conference. Date: Tuesday, March 21, All Day - Wednesday, March 22, Google Calendar Yahoo! Calendar Windows   Mangler: schodde. Pacific/South-East Asia. Richard Schodde of Western Australia. PACRIM 19th. March , Hong Kong halved in the last 2 decades. Aust/Can/USA's. covery, has declined over the last . outside of the U.S.A.] of the date of publication in SEG Conference: Building Exploration Capability for the 21st Century . In March. , SEG launched an online member- ship application that resulted in Schodde, R., , The key drivers behind.