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If you meant one of those, just click and go. If you want to start a Main/ NinjaSexParty page, just click the edit button above. Be careful, though, the only things that. Listen to and buy Ninja Sex Party music on CD Baby. Download or buy the CD Attitude City by Ninja Sex Party on the independent record Go To Artist Page. The best workout songs for running by Ninja Sex Party by BPM (Page 1).

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Create your own and start something epic. Use the right namespace for. Inspired by The Lonely Island and Flight of the ConchordsNinja Sex Party is about "a Jewish superhero who wears a unitard, with his best friend who's a ninja, and together they sing songs about dicks, and try to hit [unsuccessfully] on women. Can't find a community you love? pages Ninja Sex Party


Caravan Palace - Lone Digger Ninja Sex Party is a musical comedy band comprised of Leigh Daniel Avidan and Brian Wecht, under Ninja Sex Party. 5, pages on this wiki. Add New. Buy Ninja Sex Party tickets from the official site. Find Ninja Sex Party schedule, reviews and photos. tir. maj. Ninja Sex Party has but one goal: To take your body sweetly by the hand and then rock its face.