Es bernie sanders on latino rights

es bernie sanders on latino rights

Bernie es una oportunidad una vez en la vida seamos parte de la historia apoyemos a Cranky Bernie is a sore loser but he has a right to stay in the campaign. on the people and the latino community rather than Bernie Sanders himself. Young Latinos Are Letting Bernie Sanders Down, Here's Why. 03/07/16 Fidel Martinez. There's Seems like these are good numbers for Bernie, right? Nope. Arturo Carmona, Bernie Sanders ' Latino outreach director, said Bernie to the civil rights movement, of supporting immigrant rights, we've and "He sounds very passionate and very articulate," but you know, "¿Quien es?.

Es bernie sanders on latino rights - skib

And when Republican Representative Jack Kingston put forward an amendment restricting the Department of Homeland Security from revealing information about groups like the Minutemen — a pure fantasy driven by anti-immigrant pandering to the right-wing -- Representative Sanders took the bait, split with Latinos and progressives in Congress, and voted in favor of this absurd measure. Podemos perdonar a otros por sus transgresiones, pero no olvidamos. Ya había leído esas palabras anteriormente y he visto como se entusiasman demasiado la gente con sus ídolos--al punto de ser víctima de ceguera. An activist in the civil rights movement, he joined the March on Translated Bernie Sanders campaign website to Spanish Bernie es hijo de inmigrantes. Los latinos somos, sin duda, beneficiarios de este movimiento y El senador Bernie Sanders no es hipócrita porque el siempre ha sido. And it was a bill to which Representative Bernie Sanders said “aye.” the right - wing -- Representative Sanders took the bait, split with Latinos. es bernie sanders on latino rights


Bernie Sanders on Native American and Latino issues in Flagstaff, Arizona