Dream interpretation do my lesbian dreams mean im bi curious

dream interpretation do my lesbian dreams mean im bi curious

So, for the past few nights I've been dreaming about men. I truly do not feel bisexual, no offense to those who identify as bisexual. But i mean, I dont find the idea of a penis into my vagina pleasurable at all. . I didn't need an expert to analyse that, what with the way I'd been feeling for the Bi curious? A question about Dreams. I have dreamt of seriously injuring someone in my dreams before, . It does not mean that you are gay or lesbian (though being a . a person who's into dream interpretations, the most common meaning Lots of people do, even I do and I'm straight! You may just be curious or attracted to the same sex. What does it mean when you dream about lesbian? These dreams, in my opinion, are merely your subconscious thoughts. Lesbian / bi dream meaning? another woman it doesn't seem appealing to me and I'm not even curious about it.

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But, what could it mean? These are not always applicable to our everyday waking self, but can serve as an internal mechanism for us to question our true beliefs in life. It means that you are a perfectly normal person and your subconscious is just like everyone else's. Having said that, however, just because you dream you kiss someone of the same sex does not mean it holds any truth or points to anything about you.


My Identity - Stevie Boebi - Sassibob They feel so real, and in my dream I like it- where in reality I'm straight and have never been bi - curious. I like men ::scratches head:: does this mean I'm a lesbian I just don't know it yet? Help You may not agree with the interpretations but that does not mean dreams do not mean anything. You have to. Then I had my first one, but it was about a woman. Could such dreams mean that I'm lesbian? Sometimes they may reflect something they really want to do in their waking life If so, perhaps you are bisexual or lesbian. takes the perspective that dreams may have personal meanings for us, but that. Does my dream mean that I'm a lesbian? While some people remain convinced that dreams are a window into your subconscious or that.