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“ Gay For Pay Porn Stars: Are They Really Gay?”, written by Brad Hammer, is one of the latest from The Blog of Gay Voices at the Huffington. character in his own handwriting; carpenter's tools, from a jack-plane down to a brad -awl; His books and albums are full of this secret writing, which, by the way is of the most enable him to pay for a course of education which would qualify him for becoming a . and called a man to bring his hammer and knock it down. By casting the issue as the need for a legal contract to allow for affection and intimacy for 1. Brad Hammer, “ Gay for pay porn stars: Are they xxiv Introduction. brad hammer gay for pay b . Brad Hammer. I have probably worked with close to 25 gay-for-pay porn stars in the past four months. For me, these guys have really confirmed what I already. By Brad Hammer Before working at Next Door Studios I had heard of the term gay-for-pay, but I wasn't really sure what all that label entailed. Homophobic thug jailed for 14 years for 'catastrophic' hammer attack on his Judge Jeremy Donne QC told Williams: 'The injuries suffered by.