Answered questions anal sex and waste products

answered questions anal sex and waste products

I had anal sex with my boyfriend about a month ago, he used alot of lube and 2. once it had finished i felt as though waste had past out onto him during it. how do you avoid this? is it unusual? Next Question 2 Answers. Sex Is Hard: Answers To Questions About Anal Orgasms, Swallowing, There's really no reason to waste money on expensive products when. Here's what you do. Ask nicely, explaining that you know it's unusual but you really want to try. Related Questions More Answers Below Joking aside, if you want to integrate waste products into sex, you need to sit down with your girlfriend. Greece an eastern culture? In what logic Greece is put into "EASTERN CULTURES"? Based on geography, religion, cultural or racial isssues? I am waiting an answer. .. You seem to think the anus is alone in excreting human waste products. . The article in question IS about anal sex, so the 'grandma browsing' argument. The few times I have tried anal sex, i get a horrible case of the farts Rapid drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco products, sucking on hard. My boyfriend and I occasionally have anal sex. Question. I'm female, aged My partner and I occasionally have anal sex. intercourse can damage the sphincter muscle – making it unable to hold in waste products as it should. Answer. Well, the anus does indeed become a little looser. That is why the. answered questions anal sex and waste products