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Anna Borges The basic job of an abortion clinic escort is to get a patient from their car to the front door of a clinic — which often involves. 32 Things Abortion Clinic Escorts Want You To Know. by Team fromhttps:// annaborges / abortion - clinic-escort - confessions. What she actually meant, I learned, was that she helps escort people into an abortion clinic in town. On Saturday mornings, she will stand in. Read the account of a volunteer whose job is to escort patients to and from the clinic to help them avoid abortion protesters. PeopleApplaud PeoplePaul ValetteFree Condom. Pro-Choice Clinic Escort .. PicturesWohooThefeels. Whisper App. Confessions from pregnant women. 32 things you didn't know about being an abortion clinic escort https://www. annaborges /abortion- clinic - escort - confessions.

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It's not quite camaraderie, but we always acknowledge each other and sometimes say hello and chat. In that time, I have been berated, cursed, elbowed and even sexually harassed.