A slow migration to git from svn

a slow migration to git from svn

@ideasman42 I do have to admit I'm still a bit puzzled about the super slow speed (but I know git - svn is not a race car from the Groovy repo. Convert the SVN tags and branches to local Git tags and branches This initial fetch is particularly slow because git svn has to do a lot of. Migrating Subversion repositories to Git. Created Friday But although SVK is very good, it is written in Perl and has proved to be quite slow. 5 step SVN -to- Git migration: prepare your environment, convert SVN repo to a local Git repo, synchronize Git repo when SVN repo changes, share the Git repo. There are lots of different ways of migrating from SVN to Git. the perfect tool to bring all our SVN history to our Git repository slowly and surely. More importantly, git - svn is SLOW. At the time of our conversion, our SVN repository had roughly 15, revisions — not very large as SVN.

A slow migration to git from svn - mere

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1803: A slow migration to git from svn

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DA POPULAR ORGASME . That's hard to compare to Subversion, since both the compression and de-duping helps reduce the size greatly. There are two commands I've seen floating around the internet, the latter that worked for me. It won't litter your project. Is it your case? If you want to create a new branch to retain commits you create, you. Filed Under: Code ReviewCodeReviewerCollaboratorSoftware Quality Comments.
START EN BYTUR MED STRIP Unlike other migration tools, this tool relies on native git instead of jGit. On a 3 GB repo with a handful of revisions, "git log -S" takes about a. For a non-standard SVN layout. Or you may create branches from all you tags and push. You should see something like:. Give it a .
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Git+SVN #2: Some commits back and forth